HEALTH Minister Sylvia Masebo says there might be an increment in COVID-19 cases if people become careless during this cold season.

In an interview, Monday, Masebo said weather patterns normally had an impact on COVID-19 cases.

“Weather patterns normally have an impact also. What we normally see is that when it is hot, the numbers go down, when it gets very cold we begin to experience numbers, [but] we don’t know, we are yet to see.

Because most people have continued covering themselves up and maintaining and following the five golden rules. And so we are still experiencing low levels. But when it gets very cold and people become careless with the cold, yes of course [the numbers will increase],” she said

And Masebo said her ministry was working with different departments and ministries to fight the pandemic.

“There is a committee called the disaster management committee, where Health and other Ministries including, Environment, Green Economy, Disaster Unit, where we work together on all these matters of prevention and information. We do work under the Vice-President’s Office when it comes to issues of disasters.

And of course, COVID-19 is as good as a disaster, and therefore we regularly have meetings and we share information. We also get information from the weather department to guild us,” said Masebo

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