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By Effie Mphande:

Medical experts have warned that the impact of Covid-19 on the health sector will get worse if it leads to people avoiding care for life threatening yet treatable conditions.

United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention Country Director Simon Agolory says this is an area where the country needs to keep a close eye to ensure that all the gains made in the health sector are not lost.

Dr. Agolory told ZNBC News in an interview that some people with chronic conditions like high blood pressure are not seeking medical attention because they are afraid of getting infected with Covid-19.

He further explained that Covid-19 is having a bigger impact because resources are being channeled to fight it away from managing other diseases.

Dr. Agolory added that there is need to protect health care workers because they are key to the response against Covid-19 and sustaining the health systems.

And in a separate interview, World Health Organisation Representative Nathan Bakyaita said there is need for the country to educate members of the public on the continuation of health services.

Dr. Bakyaita said people should seek medical attention in accordance with guidelines provided by the government.

And Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Malama said some of the medical equipment has not been maintained or repaired because of the lock downs in countries where engineers who are responsible for the work live.

Meanwhile, Zambia National Public Health Institute Director Victor Mukonka warned that the situation will get worse if citizens relax.

Meanwhile, UTH Senior Medical Superintendent Alex Makupe said the hospital has slowed down on seeing out-patients in some specialised clinics to create space for patients who will becoming with breathing difficulties.

Dr. Makupe said the move is also in a bid to allow health care workers to focus on the fight against Covid-19.

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