By Hannock Kasama

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has dismissed Acting Patriotic Front President GIVEN LUBINDA’s application to stay proceedings in a matter where he is charged with corrupt practices regarding 539,000 dollars.

Mr. LUBINDA had filed an application to stay proceedings in the Subordinate Court on grounds that he has raised constitutional issues over his case in the High Court.

He has contended that his case cannot be heard by two courts concurrently.

However, Lusaka Senior Magistrate SANDFORD NGOBOLA in his ruling has noted that Mr. LUBINDA’s application amounts to abuse of the court process.

Mr. NGOBOLA has stated that Mr. LUBINDA’s contentious issues in his application before the Subordinates Court are similar to the ones he has presented in the High Court.

Mr. LUBINDA has meanwhile applied before the High Court , seeking a declaration that Magistrate NGOBOLA is violating his right to fair trial.

This is on grounds that Magistrate NGOBOLA has ruled in favour of the prosecution’s stance that he must not produce some documents in the Subordinate Court, pertaining to his case.

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