Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Kamwala ward councillor Mainda Simataa has secured a demolition order to bring down an illegal boundary wall that was built by a named soldier of Kamwala South without planning permission, thereby encroaching on a public road, much to the inconvenience of the community.

Councillor Simataa says the only thing remaining is to engage Zambia Police for armed escort because the soldier has been intimidating the community saying he’ll shoot anyone who dares to bring down his wall.

“We’re not taking his threats lightly, and we’re not taking any chances. Council police does not carry guns, and since we’re promised a possible exchange of fire, we need the necessary firepower from Zambia Police to back up the demolition operation” said the Councillor.

According to the Urban and Regional planning Act, all structures built without planning permission can be demolished once a 28 day notice expires.

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