By Angela Limwanya

The Livingstone University Teaching Hospital has described the condition of the conjoined twins born on Saturday 21st October 2023 as clinically stable and have a chance of survival.

A Paediatrician at the hospital, WALAZA PHIRI says the twins who are still being monitored in the intensive care unit are being given supplemental oxygen and feeding.

Dr. PHIRI says according to the few investigations conducted by the hospital the twins share a heart which has three ventricles and two atria with an abnormal connection.

He says the twins also have two separate stomachs, but share one liver and one kidney.

Dr. PHIRI says the hospital will continue monitoring them and giving support until their systems are able to tolerate well, then they can be discharged.

And ZNBC has caught up with the seventeen year old mother who says she will need help from well-wishers to support her children once they are discharged from hospital.

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