By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

  1. The cost of living is far worse than it was ever under PF, people are suffering, there is no money.

Ans; Shut up ba PF,you have no moral right to raise anything. You borrowed. You left empty coffers, Bally will fix it.

  1. The Economy is collapsing, there is no plan for rescue or rebuilding

Ans; Archbishop, Sichinga and others are just bitter. He didn’t read the IMF Package which PF failed to get in 7 years? Besides, Bally has 5 years and not six months!

  1. Bally has no direction, his appointments are disappointing, his new team appears lost.

Ans; People should read what Dr. Elias Munshya posts. He presents facts! We have free education and more CDF money.

  1. Trunk roads are in bad state, pot-holes are appearing everywhere.
    Ans; PF ate the money and lied about infrastructure development.
  2. Pay contractors, suppliers, you owe them K189 billion, and K46billion in arreas, the largest local debt in decades.

Ans; they are PF contractors, they probably supplied air, forget it, we are not paying!

  1. When are you employing doctors, teachers?
    Ans; next week and don’t! don’t mock Zambians, you failed to employ them.
  2. When are you employing doctors, health workers and teachers?

Ans; we told you, next week!

  1. Bally is a liar, he lied on nearly everything!

Ans; He is better than the thieves!

  1. Bally has failed.
    Ans; we know but his biggest achievement was that we kicked out the “evil” PF!
  2. Ba Praise Team, you will destroy Bally.

Ans; the “Revolution ” must not fail, even if we have to sustain it artificially!

We shall rebuild,its time to get to work.
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