Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Chikulamyunga Clive Paul (NRP SG)

The write up from Chitambala Mwewa of Simon Mwewa lane is not normal from a Zambian who is above 52yrs of age. Chitambala Mwewa is a mercenary and his only interest is to divide this nation on political lines which he has no capacity to influence and hence being jealous against the President of National Revolution Party Rev.Dr.Cozmo Mumba.

Republican President Hakainde Hichilema has clearly stated his govt is not a govt of retribution or persecution but rule of law. Chitambala Mwewa does not understand at his age that the Republican President of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema has on several times called of the unity of purpose amongst Zambians to unite this country beyond partisan lines.

Ba Upnd, be careful of this “Hypocrite”Chitambala (Mwewa or else he will divert your core values of one Zambia,one Nation.I know he is a nonentity and most of the UPND members have spoken to me about his hypocrisy.

Chitambala Mwewa muchibemba kuti twalanda ati..Lisaka,nichumbu munshololwa,lipulanga kabili umuntu uwaiminina pakuleta hatred kubekala Chalo.

The UPND manifesto is very clear on the one Zambia,one Nation motto and the need to unite all Zambians regardless of ethinicity,religion and political affiliation.

Chitambala Mwewa is nothing and no comparable to the NRP leader. He is just a foolish 50+ old man with no morals of leadership but timed in acts of jelousy and envy. Finshi wakwata iwe apart from your number of years or….

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SOURCE: Race to statehouse

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