RB wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t without sin. Actually, there isn’t anyone without sin, save the unborn baby. But he was wiser. He had God’s given wisdom.

Chiluba was the second president of Zambia. He defeated Kenneth Kaunda who had ruled Zambia for 27 years. Your heard it, 27 years. That’s 27 years of putting others behind bars, torturing Zambian. The UNIP government had become too militarised.

There was a militia group called “BY-AiR” who used to terrorise the country. If anyone said anything against the UNIP government, this group would beat the hell out of that person. But KK did so many good things for the country which incidentally outweighs his shortcomings. Anyway, this isn’t about KK. This is about RB. So, how does Chiluba comes in.

We know many of our readers dislike long essays. So, let’s get to the point. When Levy Mwanawasa, won the 2001 elections with Chiluba’s hand at every pollong station, he decided to turn against his predecessor. Chiluba was charged with corruption charges.

This was a party war declared on the second president. For the next 7 years, chiluba was on bail. He was been investigated with lawyers getting as much as $10m in legal fees. This was a little embarrassment to the young Zambian country.

Whilst presidents are always to blame for the failures, Chiluba’s failures were grossly over exaggerated to justify persecuting him. He was accused of having stolen millions of dollars. But upto now, the state have failed to show the millions he stole.

They have only shown the millions lawyers were paid. I have personally met Chiluba’s daughter in Croydon. They live in an average house with her our neighbouring country born husband. They are poor like Stella Sata who is hustling to make a living.

This is now the last part, so, Chiluba was persecuted for several years. When RB became a president, he did what any wise person would do. I know this is highly contested. Zambians we love drama. We love to see people prosecuted. For us, that’s drama. As we have stated before, prosecution of fianancial crimes is an expensive hobby. Even Britain fails to prosecute some financial crimes.

So, RB discontinued the cases against Chiluba. He simply stopped funding the prosecution of Chiluba which weakened the case and Chiluba walked to freedom again. His dignity was restored. He once had an image in the public. He even became unpaid pastor.

Just like KK, he had repented. Chiluba died in June 2011, a few months before Micheal Sata, the underrated politician of the time won the elections. He died as a free man. Thanks to RB.

For the first time in the history of our country, the former president has not been persecuted. He has even now been accorded the title of statesman. RB, your spirit of peace will always dwell among us.

UPND UN-Chapter

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