Senior Chief SIKUFELE of Manyinga District says the government is capable of addressing the challenges the country is currently facing.

The traditional leader says he has confidence in the leadership of the UPND as it has shown maturity and inclusiveness throughout its two year tenure.

Senior Chief SIKUFELE says he is confident that the government will address issues that the country is facing as it has shown commitment to alleviating poverty and fostering development in rural areas.

Speaking when North Western Province Minister ROBERT LIHEFU called on him at his palace, Senior Chief SIFUKELE expressed happiness at the implementation of the decentralization policy.

He said decentralization through Constituency Development Fund – CDF, will help in developing rural parts of the country.

And Mr. LIHEFU says the government will work with traditional leaders to ensure that development is fostered in rural areas.

He says the government recognizes the importance of traditional leaders in national development.

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