By Christopher Miti

Chama Town council has disbursed over 16 million Kwacha Constituency Development Fund loans and grants to both Chama North and Chama South constituencies.

The local authority has also drilled 20 boreholes, constructed classroom blocks and staff houses in various schools across the two constituencies.

Eastern Province Minister PETER PHIRI, who commissioned the projects, says CDF has enabled the local people to embark on community driven developments.

Mr PHIRI says it is gratifying that the priorities of the people are identified and implemented.

Chama District Commissioner YOBE GOMA says the increment of CDF will help exploit the economic potential of the district.

And Council Chairperson GIFT KUMWENDA has appealed to the government to consider positioning relief food in strategic areas before the onset of the rains.

Meanwhile, Chief LUNDU, who spoke on behalf of the traditional leaders said the increment of CDF by the government is historic.

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