By Blessings Chibuye

The Zambia Council for Social Development -ZCSD- has welcomed Government proposal to increase the Constituency Development Fund -CDF- from 28.3 million Kwacha to 30.6 million Kwacha .

Executive Director LEAH MITABA says the increment will enable constituencies to enhance development in their areas.

Ms MITABA, however, says this calls for the review of the CDF legislation to ensure it is adequate to administer the increased CDF.

Speaking after the Community Budget Groups discussions under ZCSD, Ms. MITABA also thanked government for allowing communities to make decisions on where the money should be invested.

Meanwhile, Ward Development Committee -WDC- member KENNETH MAZOMBWE said he is impressed with the budget but hopes there will be an improvement in the implementation of the CDF allocation.

And the University of Zambia Political Science Association President CHILUFYA MWILA said the students are happy with the increment of the Higher Education Loans and Scholarship.

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