The Youth Alliance District Association -YADA- has called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to thoroughly audit and investigate Kalumbila town council in North Western Province on allegations of misappropriation of revenue.

In an interview with ZNBC News YADA President EMMANUEL NKOLE has alleged that Kalumbila town Council is misappropriating funds that should be channeled to developmental projects in the community.

Mr. NKOLE says it is alleged that the council plans to borrow 1-hundred and 20-million Kwacha to buy equipment for the 3-star hotel they have built when the initial price for the construction of the hotel was 93-million Kwacha.

He further alleges that some workers at Kalumbila council have been getting advance payments which some have failed to pay back on grounds that forms which the workers signed got lost.

Mr. NKOLE, however, says the Association has since reported the matter and filed a request in the office of the Auditor General and the Anti Corruption Commission to seriously investigate and audit Kalumbila town council.

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