Care for Nature Zambia Executive Director Nsama Kearns is calling for legislation that will prohibit mining in protected regions such as the lower Zambezi, with stiffer penalties for violators.
Ms. Kearns believes that the Tourism Act, the Mines and Mineral Development Act, and the Environmental Act all need to be amended to allow the various pieces of legislation to communicate with one another regarding the issue of mining in protected areas.
She is of the view that Zambia must also amend the tourism act urgently to eliminate the clause that allows mining in protected areas and replace it with one that prohibits such activities while suggesting harsher penalties for those who intend to mine in protected areas.
Ms. Kearns has since underscored the need for civil society organizations to start engaging with communities in protected areas to help them realize the importance of tourism and maintaining the entire ecosystem while giving alternative economic opportunities to mining.

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