The Zambia Institute of Agro-Ecology and Nutrition Studies is calling for an audit into Zambia’s agriculture sector policies to align with the current nutrition needs while addressing challenges toward increased productivity.
Institute Executive Director Samuel Sakanya says, it is appalling for Zambia to be rated among countries facing most nutrition challenges despite numerous policy pronouncements, availability of land and favorable conditions to produce enough food.
In an interview, Mr. Sakanya is challenging government to interrogate the country’s agricultural sector, policies and direction to allow Zambia to maximize its potential to produce enough nutritious food away from maize.
He also wants government to collaborate with stakeholders including scientists, civil society organizations and farmers, to develop the best route for agriculture production and embark on workable solutions.
Mr. Sakanya is of the view that government alone is ill equipped to address the inaccuracies and inadequacies in agriculture and has called for a consultative process to identify challenges and derive required solutions.

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