By Etambuyu Katota

Finance and National Planning Minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE says the focus of the 2024 National Budget is to attract more investment and support key areas such as education and health.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE says government is taking steps to address the high cost of mealie meal by engaging with millers.

He says the price of mealie meal has been attributed to the excess exports prompting increased prices on the local market.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE explains that subsides on mealie meal would be unsustainable as money would be diverted from other sectors such as education thereby affecting the free education policy.

Meanwhile Dr. MUSOKOTWANE has anticipated a 90- percent absorption rate of the 2024 National Budget.

He says deliberate measures such as the decentralization of resource management are in place to address the previous low uptake of the budget.

Speaking during a Special Interview Program on ZNBC TV1 Dr. MUSOKOTWANE said Lusaka no longer makes the decisions on behalf of Provinces for projects to be undertaken as the money is taken directly to the provinces.

He said government has been experiencing lack of absorption of allocated resources because all decisions were previously made in Lusaka.

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