‘Brown Skin Girl’ Got Very Irritating For Me Within 24 Hours – K.R.Y.T.I.C on Celeb Stopover

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Zambian rapper, Krytic is real and down-to-earth in this exclusive interview with Nigerian media personality, Ife Ajagbe on Celeb Stopover.

When the conversation got to the popping about ‘Brown Skin Girl’ song and The Gift Album by Beyonce, Krytic’s reactions was ‘As a song, it got very irritating for me within 24 hours because I hate songs that are deliberately made in a pop way‘.

They also discussed colourism, racism, migration, the viability of rap music, the shootings in Texas and Ohio. magic in Nigerian movies and more. Krytic is a popular Zambian rapper who has been rapping for about 20 years. He shocked the host once again by saying, ‘I’ve seen a couple of Nigerian movies and I’m not ever starting beef with nobody out of Nigeria solely based on that fact. I don’t know about ending up in bottles. That’s not my portion‘.

Celeb Stopover is a joint live stream on Instagram between the host, @ifeajagbe and the guest. Since the rebranded version kicked off on Monday, June 24 at 3PM, she has hosted, Marco Foster (USA), Lyriq Tye (USA), CRSB (USA), Myah Sky (UK) and Krytic (Zambia).

Watch full interview below:

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