Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

A 28-year-old man of Livingstone has been jailed one year after he went beyond the courtesy of being welcomed in Kapiri Mposhi and broke into his elder sister’s bedroom where he stole a safe containing K 21,000.

Kapiri Mposhi Magistrate Edward Banda has sentenced Peter Chiinda of Highlands’ compound in Livingstone to 12 months imprisonment.

The offence is that Chiinda, on 2nd March, 2022, broke into the bedroom and stole a safe containing K 21,000 cash, academic certificates and a Passport belong to Mercy Chiinda, 48.

This was after Mercy Chiinda had secured her bedroom and went for work but when she returned around 18:00 hours, she discovered that the safe where she kept her money and personal documents had gone missing.

The complainant reported the matter to police having in mind the visiting brother from Livingstone, as a prime suspect.

And upon being interrogated by police, Chiinda admitted to have stolen the safe which he later forcibly opened to steal the money from it.
Chiinda further disclosed that he discarded the safe into a shallow well at a home in Riverside compound but police could not retrieve it as the well was too deep.

However, police managed to recover only K 9,400 from Chiinda upon which he was formally charged for the offence and arrested.
Chiinda pleaded guilty as charged.

In mitigation Chiinda asked his sister for forgiveness and the court to exercise maximum leniency as he was keeping two young children orphaned by his other sister.

But in passing judgement, Magistrate Banda wondered why Chiinda decided to steal from his sister instead of protecting her from thieves.

Magistrate Banda then sentenced Chiinda to a one year imprisonment with hard labour and ordered that the K 9,400 recovered money be returned to the owner. – ZANIS

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