In the spirit of Zambia’s 59th Independence Day, Astar Devine has teamed up with J Mafia, Chewe SuperStar, and MJB Africa Dreams to bring you a melodious gift – “Banja.”

“Banja” not only showcases the richness of Zambian culture but also pays homage to the beautiful nation. Astar Devine’s soulful vocals, complemented by the artistry of J Mafia, Chewe SuperStar, and MJB Africa Dreams, make this a musical gem worth listening to.

The song’s melodious blend takes you on a journey through Zambia’s diverse sounds, creating a perfect backdrop for celebrating 59 years of independence. From Lusaka to Livingstone, Copperbelt to Luapula, Northenr to Eastern, “Banja” captures the essence of Zambia’s vibrant spirit.

This track, produced by the talented Mr. Turner, is a musical tribute to the heart of Africa.

Enjoy and share.


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