Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The Secretary to Cabinet, Mr. Patrick Kangwa has directed that married couples working for the public service, Judiciary and local government should not be seperated on account of transfers.

This new measure is designed to address issues of low productivity, rising broken families and to promote and uphold national values and principles in the public service.

All what the affected workers need to do is to submit copy of conveyance of current work Station, proof of marriage and evidence of the occupation and workstation of their spouse.

This is a good and a family-building measure.

It has been a cry of most families seperated by work yet serving the same employer to be united.

Policy makers have in the past expressed concern about implementing this programme fearing that rural areas’ workstations will be deserted and remain unmanned as only single people can work there for a while until they also get married.

However, such fears should not disadvantage deserving couples and families that will genuinely benefit from this.

Besides, if we are a Christian Nation, we should promote policies that uphold family values, unity and cohesion.

Congratulations to Government for this measure.

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