Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

DStv/Multi Choice Zambia

I am speaking as a Brand Ambassador for CCPC Eastern Province and as an esteemed Customer.

I have been receiving calls from Multi Choice Zambia as to why I haven’t paid my subscription fees for my two DSTV Decoders. I have always told the guys your programs are boring, we keep on watching repeated movies and other programs. I have since switched to TOP Star, very affordable and growing K 230 full bouquet.

We shouldn’t suffer in the name of Premier League.

Sometimes Multi Choice ‘scams’ us in the name of promotion. Pay this amount and then you will be upgraded to a higher bouquet, but you will find that some channels of that higher bouquet aren’t there and as a month is going to the end they begin to close other channels before the due date.

If the services aren’t in tandem with the price, you have every right as a consumer to abandon that service. In an event that you lodged in your complaint and the service provider isn’t considering your views as a customer, you have the right to try other products or service provider.

It has been six months of no DStv. How I wish we began this campaign way before ka Premier League kayamba otherwise some may not join.

We need also to understand that with DStv there three main complaints:

  1. Exorbitant monthly subscription fees
  2. Poor packaging of programs ( repeated programs, old fashioned movies at the expense of blockbuster movies, madala package 😂🤣)
  3. In Zambia we pay for Tv licence for our National Broadcaster but when subscription depletes even our National Broadcaster’s channel(s) is gone.

Pride may make one think it is just poverty that’s why people are talking against the services of Multi Choice. A real rich person is not a waster of resources and doesn’t pay for quantity. The goal is quality package and reasonable pricing for each bouquet. Because of this we are calling for PPV .

Definition of pay-per-view
: a cable television service by which customers can order access to a particular broadcast for a fee.
In developed Countries they call it Cable fee. Meaning that you don’t have to pay for the channels of THEIR CHOICE. You make your OWN CHOICE.

I BELIEVE THEY SHOULD UNDERSTAND FURTHER THE MEANING OF MULTI CHOICE 😂 a customer must make a choice of what they want to view.

I can’t hear French but you find that I have French speaking channels on my bouquet for what for, for who?

Even when it comes to PPV we aren’t saying the fees should be too much ikona man!

On the National Broadcaster’s channel, maybe ZNBC must do a memorandum of understanding with Multi Choice so that our TV levy/licence is catered for.

Multi Choice needs us for their services to continue otherwise they might lose a number of customers as the days go by.

The Truth is that Multi Choice has been so unfair to it’s customers here in Zambia. The best they can do is to hear us sooner than later or else they risky losing many. Let them revise the bouquet fees, revamp the programs packaging.

Let us rise and voice out
Together we can

Albert Nyirenda

By editor

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