By Paul Shalala

Anti-Corruption Commission –ACC- Director General THOM SHAMAKAMBA has urged officers in the Ministry of Justice to have integrity if the fight against corruption is to be enhanced.

Mr. SHAMAKAMBA says officers handling corruption matters cannot prosecute cases professionally if they are not credible themselves.

Speaking during the Integrity Committee Sensitization and Induction workshop for officers from the Ministry of Justice in Lusaka, Mr. SHAMAKAMBA said every officer in the Ministry must entrench integrity in their line of work.

And Justice Minister MULAMBO HAIMBE urged workers in his Ministry to embrace integrity and fairness in their work.

Mr. HAIMBE said the Ministry of Justice is the last hope for people in the country and justice must be made accessible to all.

Meanwhile, Attorney General MULILO KABESHA said integrity starts from small things such as collecting receipts for fuel which is funded by imprest.

Mr. KABESHA said judicial officers must resist the temptation of taking financial advantage even in cases where they are offered bribes in court cases.

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