By Sean Tembo – PeP President

  1. Good morning fellow citizens and happy Sunday. It is indeed a beautiful day.
  2. Without duress or intimidation, Bally announced on behalf of his new dawn administration that he will employ 11,200 health workers. These health workers are needed to staff the more than 100 primary hospitals and more than 600 clinics and health centers that the previous regime established across the country.
  3. Now the Minister of Health is telling Parliament that the 11,200 health workers will include drivers and cleaners! How can a cleaner be a health worker? Can a cleaner attend to patients? Can a cleaner administer an injection? Can a cleaner prescribe medication?
  4. Country men and women, it is self-evident that we have a government in office which is not only incompetent but also crooked. Having successfully talked their way into office, these crooks believe that they can keep twisting words to convince Zambians that a stone is actually a fruit. That if you boil a stone long enough, you can actually eat it.
  5. As citizens of this Republic, we have a collective duty and responsibility to tell these crooks in Government that a stone is not a fruit. That a cleaner is not a health worker. That they just need to fulfill their promise of recruiting 11,200 health workers without having to engage the nation into grammatical debates. They might have successfully talked their way into office, but we shall not allow them to talk their way out of their promises. No matter how much they think they are experts of grammar. A cleaner is a cleaner. A health worker is a health worker.

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SET 20.03.2022

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