Economist Richard Mbewe has doubted the 97 percent reduction in the misappropriation of funds as indicated in the 2022 Auditor General’s report, describing it as too high.
The Auditor General’s report on the accounts of the republic for the financial year ended December 31, 2022, has revealed a 97 percent reduction in misappropriated funds from K5, 171,854 in 2021 to K135,207 in 2022.
But Dr. Mbewe in an interview with phoenix news argues that the percentage is too high and that normally, the reduction is supposed to be gradual especially that the activities of the report are premised on the previous government’s plans and activities.
He notes that the activities reflected in the report were already planned for by the PF government who lost power in 2021 adding that the new dawn administration presented a budget that they inherited.
Dr. Mbewe says the new dawn’s activities will be clearly indicated in the 2023 report and that their activities will be fully reflected having planned and executed the 2023 national budget.
He adds that the 2023 Auditor General’s report will be a true determinant of the current régime’s performance in terms of how they have handled the country’s expenditure having been the planners of the current budget.

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