Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Cecilia Kayaya Mporokoso

According to details from the Muchinga Provincial Health Office, seven cases of suspected Polio have been recorded.

Provincial Health Director, Nero Chilembo, tells Diamond News from Chinsali District that samples are currently undergoing laboratory tests.

Dr. Chilembo says of the seven patients, three (3) are from Shiwang’andu District, two (2) from Mafinga while both Nakonde and Mpika Districts recorded single cases.

He adds that the children have Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), a clinical syndrome that refers to a collection of signs and symptoms, instead of a diagnosis.

Dr. Chilembo further discloses that the patients have reduced muscle tone resulting in weakness or paralysis.

The Provincial Health Office has revealed that it has vaccinated about 90 percent of the 500,000 children targeted against Polio which is a disabling and life-threatening disease that attacks a person’s spinal cord.

So far 50,000 children are yet to be administered oral vaccination against the viral disease that is transmitted through contaminated water, food or contact with an infected person.

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