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By Tamara Muswala-Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says government will follow the law and ensure that the liquidation process at KCM is smooth.

Mr Kampyongo has urged residents of Chingola to remain calm as the liquidation gets underway.

The Minsiter was speaking during a mini rally held at Soweto at Chilemba market of Chingola where he explained about some of the challenges of the high price of mealie and load shedding.

Speaking at the same rally Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo

urged government to expedite the process of liquidation at Konkola Copper Mine.

Mr. Chilombo said the people of Chingola are anxious about the liquidation process and want a new investor to take over Konkola Copper Mine.

He was speaking at a rally at Soweto in Chilemba main market the second largest market in Chingola from Chiwempala market.

Speaking at the same rally Bwana Mukubwa Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda urged the residents to support the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Dr. Chanda said the unprecedented development that Chingola has recorded under the Patriotic Front is evidence that President Edgar Lungu means well for the country.

At the rally the former PF Copperbelt Executive led by Former Chairman Steven Kainga reconcile with the Nathan Chanda led executive.


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