A 4-year-old girl is being treated for burns at Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital in Ndola after her mother allegedly burned her hands on a brazier for eating relish from a pot without permission.
According to Copperbelt Police Commissioner Peacewell Mweemba, the incident occurred on Sunday, 16th July around 20:00 hours in Mwenye compound of Ndola’s Twapia township.
Brief facts of the matter are that Angela Mubanga, the suspect and victim’s mother, came from the hummer mill to find the pot in which she had prepared relish empty, and thought that her 4 year, 5 months old daughter had eaten it.
Mr. Mweemba explains that the mother then burned both of her daughter’s hands on the brazier as punishment and has been arrested and charged with the offence of acts intended to cause grievous harm.
He says the incident was reported to Twapia Police Station by Esther Njovu, who along with other neighbors, apprehended the suspect and handed her over to police.

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