Four former ministers in the PF Government have not paid back the emoluments they received when they illegally stayed in office after the dissolution of parliament in 2016.

Finance and National Planning Minister Dr.  SITUMEBKO MUSOKOTWNE told parliament today that 59 out of 63 former cabinet and provincial ministers have paid back the emoluments with an average amount of 57,000 Kwacha bringing the total of the money recovered to 3.4 million Kwacha.

The Minister was responding to a question from Bweengwa Member of parliament KASAUTU MICHELO who wanted to know whether all former ministers who illegally occupied office after dissolution of parliament in 2016 had paid back the emoluments.

Mr.  MICHELO also wanted to know the average amount paid and the total amount recovered.

In answering follow-up questions Dr. MUSOKOTWANE said the UPND Government will respect the law and not behave in the same manner the PF ministers behaved.

He said the payment of emoluments to ministers after dissolution of parliament was only one of the many illegalities committed by the former Government.

Asked whether the former ministers would be prosecuted using the money they paid back as evidence, Dr. MUSOKOTWANE said he was not a law enforcement officer but that he was sure the relevant authorities were listening.

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