Lusaka Province has recorded 13 cases of anthrax, bringing the cumulative number of cases across the country to 335, with 4 deaths recorded so far.
Giving an update on the outbreak in Lusaka this morning, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo says the affected areas are Southern Province with 269 cases and 1 death, Western with 19 cases, Lusaka with 13 cases, Eastern with 30 cases and 1 death, Muchinga with 3 cases and 1 death while North-Western Province has recorded 1 case.
Ms Masebo says all the patients have presented skin sores or ulcers with some of them having nausea, vomiting and fever, while a few have presented with chest discomfort and difficulty in breathing with the majority of patients being treated from home, while 6 are currently under admission.
She says government will continue enhancing control and preventive measures through reorientation of staff on disease, identification and management, ensure all facilities have an adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment –PPE and medication needed for treatment.
Ms Masebo has since urged the public to take precautionary measures by avoiding consuming meat that is not certified.

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