Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Today 30 Years ago (On 29th December 1991), barely two months in Office, Second Republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba stood at the steps of State House and did a prophetic act.

He decreed and declared that Zambia was now a Christian Nation.

Dr. Chiluba was walking a spiritual path that destines Zambia to a place, to a role and to a special standing in the world.

This spiritual act fulfils a longstanding prophecy from explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone.
At his death-bed in Chitambo, Serenje David Livingstone said:

“Lord, on this land where I rest my bended knees, let it become a mighty Christian nation, a beacon of hope to the African continent and a light to the rest of the world”

On 1st May,1873 In Chitambo Village, David Livingstone died on His Knees while praying this recorded prayer.

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