Acting Finance Permanent Secretary – Budget and Economic Affairs MWAKA MUKUBESA says the proposed 2024 budget seeks to provide an investment friendly environment.

Ms MUKUBESA says this can be seen through the proposed tax incentives which are aimed at prioritising investment to key sectors in the economy.

Speaking during the budget breakfast hosted by Deloitte in Lusaka today, Ms MUKUBESA said Government is also aware that with the economic reforms taking place some sectors maybe hard hit and has provided support to the vulnerable to cushion the impact.

And economist OLIVER SAASA said the tax incentives in the proposed 2024 budget will attract foreign and local investment.

Professor SAASA said local participation in the economy is key to enabling the country to sustain its economic growth.

And Deloitte Associate Director Tax and Legal LIYWALII KANYIMBA stressed that the budget will drive investment through incentives that are provided.

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