(ZANIS) The Public Service Microfinance Company -PSMFC- has received overwhelming response for agriculture loans from public service workers including the defence and security wings.

And over 1,000 applications have been received and processed for the Zambia Air Force Officers.

PSMFC Chief Executive Officer MUBANGA MWIKO said there has been an overwhelming response since the institution started implementing the Agriculture Asset Plus Loans for public service workers.

Mr MWIKO said the public service workers agriculture loan facility will soon be rolled out to the rest of the country to provide an opportunity to public service workers, defence and security officers to access agriculture loans at affordable rates.

He was speaking during the Public Service Microfinance Company’s continued tour of ZAF Air bases in Luapula and Northern Province and sensitisation of officers in Kasama, Mbala and Mansa on accessing agriculture loans.

And ZAF Delegation Leader Colonel KENNEDY MUYEMBA, who accompanied the Public Service Microfinance Company, on its tour of ZAF Airbases in Luapula and Northern Provinces urged ZAF officers to empower themselves and engage in farming in order to contribute to the food security of the country.

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